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Coming Between My Two Girlfriends , Hörbuch, Di...
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I´ve been lucky all my life, but today I´ve had the unlucky misfortune of having my two girlfriends find out about each other. Will this be the end of my lucky streak, or can I turn this into the greatest sexual experience of my life? This 4000 word story includes three sexy adults making their first foray into polyamory, and includes plenty of oral sex, mind-blowing orgasms, and two girls snowballing one lucky guy´s cum - using the cum that he put in their pussies! 1. Language: English. Narrator: Frederick Campbell. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Bridal Beaux: Tales of Nuptial Naughtiness (Wed...
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Tales of nuptial naughtiness from K.D. West and Mary Cyn! Everyone dreams of the perfect wedding — some people get to live them! Sometimes, the reality blows the dream right out of the water, and the afterparty leaves the reception in the dust. From Stillpoint/Eros authors Mary Cyn and K.D. West, here are four tales of couples — and moresomes — who find that true bliss has nothing to do with a white dress: The Visitor Has Company : Lea, Andy, and Sean are settling in for a nice quiet evening at home — handcuffs, some lube, threeway love at its best — But the doorbell rings, announcing an unexpected guest. The Visitor has a visitor, and who knows what that will bring? Danger? Disaster? Wedding bells? For whom? To whom? With whom? (MMF+ ménage à trois erotic romance. FMM, FMF, MF, interracial polyamory romance. Bisexuality. No firemen were harmed in the making of this story — but that doesn´t mean we didn´t mess them up a bit.) Goddess : When her brother Andy married his girlfriend Lea — and their boyfriend Sean — Jessie felt sorry for herself. Here she was, alone, unloved. But when two gorgeous firemen friends of her brother decide to show Jessie a very, very good time, well, who is she to say no? And when they make her feel like nothing less than a goddess — well, who is she not to say yes? (BBW, MFM heterosexual threesome) Never a Bride : Meet Kat McKinney: Marital Aid. Kat doesn´t envy her married and to-be-married friends. Really. Well, maybe she envies them the party. And their ability to be sure of someone. Maybe that. But if some of those married and to-be-married friends want to include her as a third from time to time... Well, who is she to disappoint them? (Polyamory romance, infidelity, MFF and MFM threesomes) Cold Feet : Meet Kat McKinney: Emotional Mess! Kat is once more a bridesmaid. For her cousin. In Brazil. What more could a self-proclaimed wedding slut want, right? Except that the groom-to-be is Dan. The one who got away. The one man Kat can actually imagine standing in front of an altar with wearing… Well, maybe not white. But a wedding dress. Or part of a wedding dress. Kat finds that sometimes it´s difficult to choose between what´s right and what you really, really want. (MF, polyamory, infidelity, HEA) (50,000 words. Stories contain explicit language and scenes of sexuality between consenting adults. Adult readers only!)

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Four for Three - Friendly FFM Ménage Tales
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Four tales of three friends - two women and a man - discovering that three truly is the magic number K.D. West, Amazon bestselling author of contemporary menage/polyamory romance, brings you four steamy stories where friendship turns to something much, much more: The Visitor Has Company - When Seans sister Kirsten shows up on their doorstep, his fiancés Lea and Andy are more than happy to entertain her (F/F/M, M/M/F, wedding orgy, hurt/comfort) Handmaiden - After Lea, Sean, and Andys wedding, Kirsten finds a couple who are happy to let her serve them (Interracial F/F/M, D/s, F/F/F, pegging, implied M/M/M) On the Table - Sometimes you think you know where the party is going. Alice shows Suzie and Danny that sometimes you dont (F/F/M, ice play, mild BDSM) Juliet Takes Charge - Alison asks her BFF (and girlfriend) Jordan and her boyfriend (and former teacher) Ken to give her the birthday present shes dreamed of: themselves (F/F/M, F/F, M/F, strap-on) (MFF bisexual menages à trois, MFM, FFF and implied MMM threesomes, FF, MF, interracial. Adult readers only.)

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