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Trading Places: Dirty White Candy, Book 3 , Hör...
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Candy Kavana's life has changed in ways she never thought possible. But there's more to come. A new job, a new home, and a man who gives erotic a whole new meaning...what more could Candy want? You'll find out in Trading Places, book three of Anita Cox's intensely passionate series, Dirty White Candy. In the last few months, Candy Kavana has conquered her world. And now that she's back from the ultimate vacation, she's got a whole new set of variables to conquer. Her hot contractor boyfriend has built a home just for her, complete with a bar and swing room, but is she ready for such a commitment? Nervous about the change, she seeks solace in her job, the only place where confidence isn't an issue. She's further thrown when her company merges with a major competitor and she's transferred to a new division, further skewing her self-worth. While Candy copes with all these changes, her best friend, Stacy, has a meltdown as her marriage comes to an end. Though Candy maintains her best-friend duties, she also struggles to gain some semblance of control in her own life. Moving homes, moving jobs, and moving forward, Candy concocts a plan to take control of her destiny while helping a few friends along the way. Content notes: intense, anal play, D/S elements, exhibitionism, voyeurism, menage, polyamory, spanking, light BDSM, M/F/M . 1. Language: English. Narrator: Jazmin Kensington. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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