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Less Ordinary
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Less Ordinary, tells the story of a man whose life and marriage were torn apart by his kidnapping and abuse, and who's given a second chance for love when he meets his two other halves, a man and a woman When Benjamin is kidnapped in Brazil, life as he knew it ends, and the once happy, young man is turned into a wreck, a stranger to his family and fiancé. In his desperation he reaches out to his best friend, a former psychiatrist, for help and under his constant care he takes significant steps towards recovery. Eight years pass by, years of suffering, therapy and a painful divorce, until love finds its way into his life again, but when the love of his life turns out to be not one but two people, a man and a woman, things take an interesting turn. 'Less Ordinary' explores the world of polyamory, the taboo of loving more than one person, in contemporary western society. Born in Transylvania, the home of the Vampires and their founding father Dracula, Monica pursued a law career having her own law practice and nine years of experience in that field back home. She speaks four languages: Romanian, Hungarian, English and Italian, but sometimes, when she's nervous, she tends to forget all of them. Monica was a fan of books, and good stories since she was a little girl, but started her writing career fairly recently. She moved to the UK a couple of years ago to follow her dream of working in Theatre and becoming an established author, and 'Less Ordinary' is the first in the line of many tremendously successful but unsold novels to come.

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