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In Bed with Susie Bright 689: Libraries and Sex...
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Public libraries offer all kinds of book genres, and yes, they also carry porn! Susie starts today's show off with a look at the New York Public Library's extensive erotica collection. In the past, the library classified all racy materials with a triple star (***), which meant you could only view them under supervision. But now many pulp fictions and hidden treasures have been liberated and are more accessible. What fun to peruse vintage erotic Japanese imagery or read Henry Miller's typewritten manuscript for Tropic of Capricorn. Time to renew your library card! Next, Susie smells a rat. A swinger complained to Susie's colleague, fellow sexpert Louloria, that all people in the polyamory scene are ugly. Susie weighs in on what she might have recommended to the complainer - and speculates on why this guy is pointing a finger at a group he wants to be part of. Then, it's "What's New on Audible". An unusual book that's part poetry, memoir, and fiction is this week's pick. No Apologies by J. A. Carter-Winward, who also narrates, is a compelling slice of human experience in all its crass, hopeful, and tender glory. Have a question or news story for Susie? You can send your confidential queries and comments to [Episode 689, January 15, 2016] Explicit Language Warning: You must be 18 years or older to purchase this program. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Susie Bright. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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